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Short video apps like TikTok have exploded in popularity, Instagram “stories” and similar features in other social media are used by millions of people, and YouTube has over 2 billion logged-in monthly users. This means both B2B- and B2C-oriented companies have to include videos in their marketing campaigns or risk lagging behind. In this article, we will show how AI video editing can help create cost-effective content and explain how you can include such a feature in your app.

Marketers are increasingly using videos

According to a survey, 87% of marketers report positive ROI from videos, and 96% expect to allocate more money for this…

The COVID-19 pandemic played in favor of dating apps. Their usage skyrocketed as locked-down singles flocked there to find a partner or just hang out online with someone new. Now that the world is returning to normal, the common problems like keeping the users engaged and subscribed return as well. In this article, we will show how AI face animation can address some of the common reasons for churn.

How to improve user retention: nature of the beast

“Good churn exists, and it might be better than retaining a user”, said Devin Markell, Data Lead at Hinge.

What he meant was that if a person finds what they were…

With video gaining more and more prominence on the web in general, it grows more important in the eCommerce domain as well. It is a powerful way to raise brand awareness and generate more sales. Software developers have reacted to the increased demand for video editing and started releasing mobile apps that allow making quality clips on smartphones. In this article, we will tell you about the latest trends in eCommerce videos, use cases for them, and what to focus on if you want to develop a custom video editor catering to this market.

Video is now common in eCommerce

The year 2020 has been good…

Augmented reality opens up amazing opportunities for a new, engaging e-learning experience. It can superimpose digital objects on real-world students’ surroundings and faces to improve distance learning, make classes more immersive and connect teachers and students.

Want to integrate augmented reality in your e-learning platform? Discover our AR Video Conferencing tools.

Face AR: augmented reality for virtual learning

Banuba provides Face AR SDK which enables face filters, 3D lens and animated avatars in any mobile, web or desktop app. E-learning platforms can integrate these augmented reality features into their software products to create their own AR lessons.

Students and teachers can try on the face of a famous character or animal, change their voice, replace backgrounds or add interactivity to video materials…

Whether you need to quickly jump on a video meeting with your colleagues or want to add privacy to your video calls or have some fun with your peers, the video background eraser perfectly fits any use case giving you full creative control of your video conferencing experience.

In this post, we explore how video background eraser software is shaping communication and how people are using virtual background for video conferencing.

What is video background eraser

Chroma key virtual background feature, also known as green screen, allows you to change your background during a video call or video streaming in real-time. Video background eraser software…

What’s the key to developing a successful face tracking app? Performance? Marketing budget? Absolutely true, but most importantly is amazing AR content that will win your users. One that makes them come back to your app, share and help you grow organically.

The Secret Formula for Success

We’ve learnt this formula to success when developing our own face tracking app and experimenting with different face filter designs and concepts. As the result of our 4-year journey, today we have a half-million-user base, numerous positive reviews, almost 5-star ratings and over 1,000 face filters in our collection.

Take a look at types of filters you can…

The term ‘influencer’ has been a buzzword just a few years ago, but now many young people consider it as a career. As the demand is growing, social media apps evolve too allowing more sophisticated video content creation tools. Augmented reality video editing is an excellent way to engage millennials, boost user-generated content and to draw audiences and creators from a wider demographic in your app.

The post provides a roundup of 12 features you can add to your mobile app with our Video Editor SDK that allows creating AR videos or editing them in after effects. …

This post will guide you on how to develop a virtual makeup try on app like YouCam using virtual makeup SDK or buying white label makeup app. We cover the main features for virtual makeovers and explain the aspects of working with SDK or white label model.

What’s a virtual makeover like YouCam

Virtual makeover Easy Snap

Virtual Makeover like YouCam is a smart beauty camera app that allows users to try on makeup, hair colors, and accessories via augmented reality. It works with neural networks trained to detect and modify the right part of the face e.g. lips or hair and face tracking technology to provide real-time experience.


Face beautification is a great add-on to any camera app like virtual try ons, live streaming, social networking, dating apps or video chats. You can use it as a standalone filter to enhance the user camera experience or as part of face filters adding animation, virtual accessories or entertainment masks.

Banuba face beautification filter

This post will tell you how to create your face beautification filter and configure it with the Banuba Effect Constructor. The filter we feature as an example includes the following beautification options:

  • Skin smoothing
  • Skin tone enhancement
  • Face morphing
  • Teeth whitening
  • Expressive eyes effect
  • Eye makeup
  • Color improvement

If you…

Within 2 years the video social network has amassed over 500 million monthly users as of October 2018.

Learn everything you wanted to know about the most addictive video social network of 2019 that has all chances to surpass Instagram in popularity. This post will guide you into understanding how camera face filters help TikTok to grow the most active user base and gain virality.

Consider adding face filters to your app? Try FaceAR SDK!

How TikTok started

2016. Douyin, an application with short user-generated videos, was rolled out on the Chinese market taking the teen’s culture by storm. The video editing features included a variety of animations, stickers, music add-ons and themes…


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